We aim to keep you informed of service disruptions in the event of bad weather, or where road maintenance or construction might affect your journey. Details of important planned work is shown here. You can also view regular update reports on Facebook or through Twitter.

If no update is shown for your local bus route, we are expecting to provide a normal service. However, remember that road conditions or traffic may still mean that buses will be subject to delay whilst operating the route. We do all we can to provide the service we are advertising, but unexpected traffic congestion, road conditions or sudden deterioration in weather can prevent us from doing so.
Remember, at times of bad weather, the situation can change very rapidly. Keep an eye on our live service update feeds below for the very latest information.

The latest updates from managers and inspectors around the Centrebus network are shown below:

Midlands current service disruptions


   Details of Disruption Duration                            



Anstey Lane between Cropston Road, Anstey, and Thurcaston is being closed between 09:00 and 15:00 to allow for the council to safely patch up the holes in the road.

During the closure service 154 will not be able to serve Thurcaston village and will also operate through Cropston in the opposite direction in order to serve the village but will not serve along the reservoir causeway.



24th July 2018




Maidenwell Avenue, Hamilton

To allow for speed calming measures to be built, Maidenwell Avenue will be closed from 23rd July 2018 for up to four days.

During this closure, service 40 will divert via Bellflower Road and Kestral Lane. A Free shuttle bus service will operate during the closure from the first stop in Sandhills Avenue to the unserved stops on Sandhills Avenue.



23rd July to 26th July  


Loughborough Road

Following on from a closure inbound to allow for drainage work under the river bridge, the road is to be closed for up to 8 weeks in both directions.  Service 22A and 22B will divert via Thurcaston Road and Abbey Lane.



16th July to the 5th September


Spencefield Lane, Evington

To allow for road resurfacing, Spencefield Lane will be closed from Welland Vale Road to Whitehall Road.

Buses will divert from Dwoning Drive via Uppingham Road, Spencfield Lane and Welland Vale Road back on to Downing Drive.
Waiting passengers may be picked up on the opposite side of the road on Welland Vale Road and Downing Drive.

From 14th July to the 28th July.



Market Place, Melton Mowbray Closure

The 128 will operate to the following diversion during this closure.  Please note that all bus stops on the normal line of route will be served as normal.

                                128 Map


From 7th July for up to 3 weeks


school journeys

Market Place, Melton Mowbray Closure

The 113 school journeys to and from Longfield School will operate to the following diversion. Please note that all bus stops on the normal line of route will be served as normal.

08:11 journey to Longfield School

                                  113 AM Map

15:35 journey from Longfield School

                                113 PM Map


From 7th July for up to 3 weeks



Cottingham Road Bridge Closure

Cottingham Road will be closed due to bridge repair works taking place.  During this time our service 8 will not be serving Cottingham Road or Elizabeth Street, but will divert from Station Road to Oakley Road and then onto George Street.  The reverse of this will be operated from Corby.

From Friday
19 January to
14 August 2018



The bridge on Loughborough Road is being developed to allow for better flood defences. 

The 22A/B towards Leicester will divert via Abbey Lane and Thurcaston Road on to the normal line of route. 
The bus stops at McDonald's and on Thurcaston Road will be served on the diversion.

Buses towards Birstall are unaffected by the roadworks.

From Monday
8 January up to
10 months 

Broadmarsh Bus Station Closure

Due to the closure of Broadmarsh Bus Station, service 19 will use stop C12 Canal Street.

until further notice 


South current service disruptions


 Service    Details of Disruption Duration




  For up to date disruption reports please check our Facebook and Twitter feed.